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The Career Company provides career and job search training material, job-search and career development resources, job search training manuals, E-Learning online course for organisations, individual jobseekers and secondary schools.

Our highly successful career planning and job-search programs have been completed by an estimated half a million Australians. 

  The Perfect Career (Job-Search) Trainer’s Manuals.

A 1,200 page job-search and career development training manual. Includes 800 pages of lesson plans, 350 handouts, 115 overheads and powerpoint presentation. It is considered by many to be the most comprehensive, job-search package in Australia, currently used by over 1,800 organisations. Once purchased you have copyright permission to photocopy the handouts and worksheets at one registered site. More detail.  or Request an Online Preview (conditions apply For Trainers, Teachers and decision makers only).See special arrangements for Secondary Schools

  The course is based on The Perfect Career (Job-Search) Trainer’s Manuals and the best selling book, “Surfing Your Horizons”, published by Harper Collins. The course can only be accessed via the Internet with a security “Account Key and Password”. Students can log on and work through the course 24/7. The program is self-paced where clients log on to view video, listen to audio and download worksheets and handouts. The course has state of the art Avatars to engage the client. The investment to purchase account keys is a fraction of what it would cost to run or attend face to face Job-Search training in a training room. Clients have the freedom to work on the computer at the training providers’ venue or at home in their own time. Suitable for individual jobseekers, schools students and clients of training organisations. *Preview only available for decision makers of organisations. To request a preview .Members of the public 14 day trial for only $1.00 More Detail. For more details, contact us on or phone 02 67729300
     “Surfing Your Horizons” by Michael (Mike) Creagan     Published by HarperCollins Australia    “One of Australia’s bestselling career books now updated for the third time … ” Since Surfing Your Horizons was first published it has been updated three times with an additional five reprints. What is the secret of the book’s success? Put simply, it is an inspirational guide to job hunting and career planning which delivers and produces results for all types of job seeker. More DetailGet Two FREE Chapters of Surfing Your Horizons
  The Perfect Career (Self-Paced) Job-Search Course (hard copy version 10 booklets)Made up of a set of ten booklets, self-paced, hard copy job search program that clients can work through themselves. All the lesson plans and instructions are included in the course together with assessment tasks.This structured program provides a format for job seekers to identify their “perfect career” and learn appropriate job-search skills at their own pace.This program takes a job seeker through a detailed job-search program without the need for a trainer to be present. Clients with Year 10 literacy skills should be able to work through the program unassisted.To request a preview. For decision makers only (conditions apply).More Detail For individual Job Seekers to invest the set of Booklets.